Metallic aero structures/components

HEGGEMANN AG is an engineering and manufacturing partner for lightweight designs.
A highly skilled process Engineering Team, in conjunction with state of the art manufacturing capabilities (eg .5 axis milling, NADCAP welding, 3D bending, sub-assembly services, EASA form one documentation), assists the international aerospace and the automotive industry
Out of a broad range of custom products HEGGEMANN develops and manufactures for example Jet/jetprop engine components, fuel tank Systems/tubes & pipes , Ultra lightweight seat structures, metallic aero structures (aluminum, titanium, steel), engine Mounts and landing gears , just to name a few.
HEGGEMANN supports the customer from concept / detail design via simulation and process Engineering, to building one of prototypes, in house testing (landing gear drop testand and non-destructive material testing) to full scale Serial production.
HEGGEMANN takes care of the related Sub- supply chain in order to deliver customer specified ready to fly components/Systems.
HEGGEMANN was founded in 1962 and is located at the Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport/Germany.
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Engineered solutions for future mobility

What we offer

HEGGEMANN offers innovative answers to present and future mobility challenges. The ideal combination of in-house process engineering and state of the art manufacturing expertise provides quick turn around times.
As a sub system supplier HEGGEMANN provides ready-to-install nose and main landing gears.
HEGGEMANN manufactures metallic structural components, NADCAP welded structures and jet engine components in accordance to international quality standards.
In the area of aircraft interiors, HEGGEMANN is the specialist for structural components and assemblies of modern lightweight passenger seats.
We offer our international aerospace customers expertise, and material/manufacturing innovations from a concept via simulation and engineering up to the production of prototypes and final Serial production.

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers from the aviation and space industry who need a reliable partner for Engineering and final hardware manufacturing .

Product Group Index

  • On-board systems
    • Hydraulic systems and components
    • Suspension, brakes, wheels, components
    • On-board systems/equipment/cabin
  • Engines
    • Jet engines and engine components
    • Turboprop engines and components
  • Production, materials, components and semi-finished products
    • Structures for cell construction, components
  • Components, devices and subsystems
    • Mechanical components, devices and subsystems
  • Production and process technologies
    • Metal processing
    • Production and manufacturing equipment
    • Equipment and tools
  • Engineering service
    • Design, engineering, construction
    • Documentation, licensing, certification
    • Project support, project management

Interested in the following undertakings

  • Sales
  • R&D Partnership
  • Joint undertaking


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