Berner & Mattner specializes in systems engineering, development and testing of complex electronic and mechanical systems. We offer a variety of services ranging from consultancy, conceptual design, software and system development to the setup and operation of entire test and integration systems.

We are a strategic partner for our customers' development departments of the automotive, energy, defence, mechanical engineering, space and transportation industries, providing customized software and engineering solutions based on our products and services. In doing so we optimize efficiency and quality of our customers' software and system development. This is why leading companies such as AUDI, BMW, Bombardier Transportation, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and many more have been placing their trust in Berner & Mattner's expertise.

Berner & Mattner is a pioneer in model-based technologies and has been an important development partner to world-wide leading companies for 35 years. This is evidence of the company's high innovative spirit and staff motivation. Berner & Mattner currently employs 450 professionals at 7 locations in Germany and Austria.


What we offer

Both in the fields of defence and aerospace, software and embedded systems have to meet highest quality requirements. Embedded systems carry out extremely safety-critical and mission-critical tasks. In all development projects, these requirements lead to certain formal processes for specification, development and verification. Even during the processes of tender, contracting and project execution, special rules have to be followed that are determined by the contracting authority and the major system manufacturers. Both on-board and ground control systems have to meet high requirements for reliability and robustness.

Over many years, Berner & Mattner has established itself as a development partner in space & defence. Our teams are very familiar with the processes and the strict requirements in relation to safety, procedures and documentation. Our service portfolio ranges from requirements engineering to architecture development of function models and software through to integration, testing and operation. Berner & Mattner supports you as a development partner and assumes comprehensive tasks and complete projects including validation – all this in compliance with relevant standards (ECSS, MIL-STDs, etc.).

Product Group Index

  • Engineering service
    • Component testing and -qualification
  • IT solutions and software
    • Operating and engineering software


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