BodenseeAIRea stands for a new network – a so-called cluster initiative – that aims to actively contribute to shaping the future of the aerospace industry on Lake Constance.
BodenseeAIRea has 34 members which are companies or project partners.
The Head of organisation is the Wirtschaftsfoerderung Bodenseekreis (WFB). The core task of the WFB is to improve the economic structure, to create and maintain jobs, and to promote the economic power of industry, commerce, trade, and services in the Bodenseekreis district. Thats the reason, why BodenseeAIRea takes place on ILA/ISC 2014.

BodenseeAIRea – Network of the aerospace industry on Lake Constance

What we offer

Contacts to companies of the aerospace industry on Lake Constance
Membership in our network - cluster initiative BodenseeAIRea

What we are looking for

New contacts in the aerospace industry


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