RF & Microwave development

BHE is a 100% Hungarian-owned company founded in 1991 to develop and manufacture RF and Microwave systems and solutions. The company employs about 80 people, and 70% of revenue comes from exports; its solutions are used on 4 continents, in almost 30 countries. Key market segments are the mobile telecommunications, industrial applications, aerospace and defence industrial areas. Apart from this the company deals with basic research and maintains a decade-long collaboration with universities and academic institutions. Today the company offers more than 400 products and nearly 100 new products are developed every year. The main references are the mobile service providers, Indian and Western European aerospace and defence industry companies. By its technology BHE offers complex civil safety solutions, which is from the unmanned vehicles system to many areas of modern telecommunications.

BHE Bonn Hungary Ltd.

What we offer

The BHE UAV system can follow a pre-programmed rout while sending real time video signal and position information back to the ground control station. The latest results of the company in the development of satellite communication products including advanced digital modulators, TT&C and high data rate onboard transmitters, high power efficiency SSPAs, phase coherent up &down converters and other satcom units, IFF transmitters and microwave digital altimeters.

What we are looking for

Partners who can represent the products on different markets.
Suppliers of components and/or various payloads.

Product Group Index

  • Equipment / Cockpit
    • Electronics, IT systems
  • On-board systems
    • Other on-board systems
  • Components, devices and subsystems
    • Electrical components, devices and subsystems
  • Production and process technologies
    • Composite structures

Interested in the following undertakings

  • Sales


Director for Aerospace & Defence

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